Traditional Ceremonies

‘There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign’- Robert Louis Stevenson

As Desert Rose is located at the foot of a Samburu holy mountain, Oldonyo Nyiru, we have a unique opportunity to be part of the most important celebrations of the community which traditionally take place at the top of the mountain. They are inaccessible to outsiders but for Desert Rose guests Samburu people make an exception…

After more than a decade of close cooperation with Samburu community, we have become an integral part of local life. As well as employing 30 local people, Desert Rose has built a small primary school and a vital medical clinic. The depth of our bond with the community means that Desert Rose guests are always invited to local celebrations from circumcisions  to colourful wedding parties, granting the guests a rare insight into Samburu life and their distinctive sense of style.

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